Suppository ($20-$30)


Suppository ($20-$30)

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Choose between CBD, 1:1 or THC.

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1:1 4 pack, CBD 4 pack, THC 2 pack

1 review for Suppository ($20-$30)

  1. Craig (verified owner)

    The 1 to 1 suppositories are AWESOME! Yes it takes a little getting over the back door is supposed to be exit only but once you can get past that the medical components of ingesting the medicine thrust the back door is amazing. Alot stronger of a dosage because Alot more of it gets absorbed directly into the blood stream versus smoking or eating it and Alot longer lasting. Also speaking from someone that needs to be able to function through out the day while yes you do notice a high off of it you don’t get the head high from it like smoking or eating it because the THC and CBD bypass the liver which is what sends the signals to the brain to give the head high. Highly recommend these they help great for my fibromyalgia pain and degenerative disc pain.

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